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Andrew Kessler, M.D., and Carroll Vision Center are also pleased to now be the first in Carroll County to offer Dropless Cataract Surgery!

Dropless Cataract Surgery helps eliminate the need for drops before and after your procedure. It is a safe and efficient approach, which patients find to be less expensive and more convenient.

We will review all of your Cataract Surgery options with you and determine the best fit for your specific needs when you come in for your evaluation.

So drop the drops and start seeing clearly again! Call 410-848-4095 or click here to request your evaluation appointment.

Dropless Cataract Q&A With Dr. Kessler

Can any cataract patient have Dropless Cataract Surgery?

Many patients will be able to have Dropless Cataract Surgery, but not everyone will be eligible. There are some circumstances where drops will still be needed, such as patients who are Diabetic and need to use NSAID drops after surgery. Dr. Kessler will review your specific details with you prior to surgery and help determine if Dropless Cataract Surgery is the right option for you.

Why are antibiotics drops no longer needed after Cataract Surgery?

Rather than using these drops after Cataract Surgery, a small amount of antibiotic fluid is placed in the eye at the end of surgery.

Is this as effective as taking antibiotic drops to prevent infection?

Yes, clinical studies have shown this to be more effective at preventing infections than eye drops.

Do I have to pay extra to have the medications during the cataract surgery?

No, there is no extra charge for the antibiotic or anti-inflammatory (steroid) given during surgery.